10 Things About Me

Are you wondering why I have all of these posts day after day this week? Well, I’m doing the Feel Good Blogging Challenge that Alex Beadon has started. It has been so fun and awesome! Today’s challenge is to tell you 10 things about me. So – here goes. 1. I am a twin and […]

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I recently started to like baking too! Do you have a favorite blog for baking? Mine is Sally’s Baking Addiction.

We are doing the feel good challenge too! Im Marie and we were kid free for like ever! * not saying you will change your mind, gosh I hated being told that! * Kudos, do yo thang! We were military so we moved around quite a bit. I LOVE cartoon network… I am going to blame it currently on kids but I was an addict before then haha!


I have a few favs for sure but I follow a lot of bakers on Instagram. They make some amazing stuff!!


Yes!!! My husband is in the Coast Guard so that’s why we move so much. I love it though…lol.

Hi Monica:
It must be great to have a twin sister!
And finding friends online is a great thing. About 10 years ago I met one of my best friends on the internet ♥.
Wish you the best of luck with your book! :D


Having a twin is super fun for sure. Thanks so much!!

I always love reading about you, I feel like I already know you and then you throw a curveball in the mix like being a math geek. Now you know you need to get on Skype with Desman and help him with that 43 and stop playing, you can be honorary god mama you know they like you. LOLOL.

Sugar Skull Tutorial

Can I just say that this was one of the most fun things I’ve done recently? Well it is. Transforming myself into a Sugar Skull face truly taught me patience…lol. I was a little worried when I started. It took a while for the makeup to layer and I was worried that my pores would […]

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I love the fact that you used makeup sticks! This turned out so great….


Thank you!! It was definitely an experience…lol.

I absolutely love sugar skulls and you did an awesome job!

Loved the result ♥ You look lovely!
I’ve always liked “Día de muertos” is a very pretty tradition :)


Thank you!!

How fun and creative! :)

This is so cool!!! I love the look of the sugar skull makeup & that you can be so creative! You did an awesome job with it!

Yes! So great :) I love how it turned out on you wow!! Wonderful video!!

So you know I am going to try this right. I might need to put some crisco on my lips before I do this, because lord knows I can’t mess up the DSL’s boo. No for real .. I am SO excited to try this.

A Simple Introduction

Hi all! Although I have a handy dandy section that tell you who I am, I think it’s a great idea to just write a post all about me. My name is Monica Day. No, I’m not the news anchor or beauty pageant contestant. I am a photographer, artist, baker, writer, wife, daughter, and sister. […]

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Great intro! I now find myself following another blog even though no less than 10 minutes ago I promised to reduce my screen time! Love the look of your blog too, good work Monica x


Hahaha!!! Thanks!! Isn’t it always like that though? At least it’s reading right?

Amazing introduction! I love it! I really love the way you want to tackle the world and take on amazing things! I know you’ll have a great blog following!

Big hugs!

I love love love your intro! You go girl! It is always great to find people with the same interests.

Huge hugs!!!


Thank you!! :)


Lovely introduction and amazing blog! (:


Thank you!!

Loved getting to know you and can’t wait to read more! Such a fun challenge!

Dusti Kae

Hola Monica :D
It’s great to read that your blog has evolved and now you can share posts of many topics!
If someday you need help with your Spanish, maybe I could help; my first language is Spanish :D
And yes! Anything is possible!
Have a lovely day Monica :)

Great intro Monica! So nice to read about you. I can totally relate to the starting and stopping 3 blogs. As I have done that as well.

I’m interested to learn about how you blog about so many topics, I’m excited to read more!


That would be soooo awesome!! I think I’m just afraid to use what I do know.


Thanks! I’m interested to see how this works as well…lol. I know we’re always told to focus on one thing but my one thing is me soooooo. ;)

My family is from Dominican Republic so we are neighbors haha except I don’t live there. Great post can’t wait to continue to see your photography business develop

San Juan, Puerto Rico!!! that’s amazing!! I love your blog design too. Very simple but very cute!!! Looking forward to reading all your posts.

Love, Love your introduction. I too am part of Alex B’s challenge. I love the fact that you are taking Spanish and are on Youtube. Can’t wait to see what is next for you! Keep it coming!

Workshops are wonderful! I’m glad you’re finding your passion again!

You shouldn’t be afraid :D
If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me ;)

You are so REAL. I love this!



This is really lovely!

I started my blog to be accountable to myself too! I do hope you stick with this one :) I really enjoyed reading your introduction and btw “I don’t want to be that unaccountable girl anymore. I want to be the woman that everybody can count on.” <— amen! I'm in the same boat as you. But we can do this!!


Thank you!!


Thank you! :)

It’s so lovely to read your post Monica! It totally resonated with me – we’re on a very similar journey. Can’t wait to read more xox

Monica! This was great! I love how you speak about wanting to be accountable. Me to. I’ve done the same with blogs and not quite followed through. This is it, girl! xx


So glad!! Thanks!


Yes! This is it!!

Love your style and your writing voice, Monica! Good luck to you and keep rocking your blog! :)

love the design of blog simple, functional and CUTE!!

Hi Monica! Glad to have found you through Alex’s challenge! I love the clean design of your site and I love the concept of actually doing the things you want to do. It sounds simple, but not many people actually do it! Looking forward to reading more!

CONGRATULATIONS on a few things. 1) beautiful blog. 2) being a new blogger *woop woop*! 3) being a YOUTUBER! You now have a newfound place in my heart. I love YouTube and all things video (can you tell from my blog? ;)) I love your GO-GETTER attitude and of course … monica does suits you perfectly! Keep making those videos, and keep being your inspiring self!

So happy to meet you! How did you like San Juan? I have a dream to have a Home in Italy and also in South America! Im off to go check out the New York Photography Work Shop! See you tomorrow!!

Love the intro Monica & your Youtube channel. You’ve encouraged me to start what I have been thinking of for a long time.


I love San Juan!! Sunshine and beaches totally make my days. :)


Thank you soooo much!!


Thanks so much!!


Whoop whoop!! Do it!!

Hey, Monica! It’s so great to read your intro! I’ve been trying to get back into doing YouTube videos as well, so I will definitely be checking out your channel.

P.S. – I love the colors of your site! They’re so pretty! :)


Thanks for sharing Monica!

Your site looks great! I am Puerto Rican and would love to visit San Juan one day. Most of my family is from around there. Congrats on the You Tube videos, I am working on the courage to create there.

Take care,

PR seems like it would be a wonderful place to live full-time. Congrats on your wellness journey, and your latest blogging efforts are off to a great start.


Thank you! It’s amazing here for sure and I’m excited about being the best me!


Thanks so much!!


Great post! I can’t wait to read more!

Hi Monica, great blog post! We share many common interest. I’m eager to read your next post!

Nice to meet you, Monica! I read your intro and checked out your YouTube videos, and now I totally want to be friends with you. Is that weird? Congrats on your weightloss journey, I know it’s not an easy one. I’m on my on weight loss quest, too. And can I just say that it’s SO COOL that you went to Lara Jade’s workshop?! I’m so glad I found your blog through the Feel Good Blogging Challenge. I will be following along with your progress! :)

Monica, Thank you sooooo much for your inspiration. I have been struggling with getting back to a healthy weight and diet myself. It is SO difficult living in the environment I live in. I am from the southern US (Alabama) and we have a strong culture of VERY unhealthy eating habits LOL. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there. You are beautiful and it shines through in your blog!

This was such a great post Monica. Congrats to you for making a conscious decision to follow through on your goals and dreams. I’ll be rooting for you. I’ve visiting from the Alex B Challenge as well..heading over to check out your videos. Much success. xo

Wow what a powerful post, Monica! nice to meet you, I’m Carmen and I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico!! Part of me misses my island sometimes!! :’( I love old San Juan!! I also love photography! Love your passion and energy, I’ma have to bookmark your blog! Congrats on everything! I found you thru the blog challenge! ;)

Very neat and clean! You are adorable!

hi monica..saw your post on the blogging challenge with Alex Beadon…so i am new to this blogging..but love to write..1st thing for me though..how do I create a blog page???..like i know there are tons of free blog sites..but i want to keep it very simple to get me started that’s why i signed up for the challenge..lol..i like this page you have..how did you create it??..is it wordpress..what is it …help..lol!!


Hi Wanda! I use a hosted wordpress on my domain. I then purchased a template to get the look and feel that I currently have.

I love your message Anything is Possible. I am also on my own fitness journey. Keep it up! Speak it into existence and you will get everything you want. I know the most inspiring people in the world need to be lifted up so I hope this encourages you. I really also love your videos you are great at editing them.

Lovely and simple design. Glad you made the commitment to blog! Absolutely stunning photography.

Great post! Thank you for sharing! Loved getting to know you. :) Totally love your sassy style!


Thank you!!

Lara Jade Workshop Review

Why am I writing about a photography workshop here? Well- two reasons. 1. This page is about photography, too. 2. I actually did it!! I’m a photographer. I love photography and have loved it for some time now. I got burned out. I attended one of Lara Jade’s workshops. I’m about to tell you all […]

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Nice review. It was a pleasure working with you.


Thanks!!! Same here!

OMG!! That SOO awesome!! Great work!!

Cancer Can Kiss My A–

Why do people say that a person has “lost their battle” with cancer when they pass away? Did they really lose? Maybe the fought for a long, long, long time and now they are ready to move on. Maybe they fought long and hard and actually won the fight because they didn’t let cancer take […]

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Janice T. Lyle


You have made Diane so proud! Your story captures the true essence of Diane and her journey. Her smile, her smile, her smile…still shining bright on our hearts!

I am proud of you too! Continue to share your gifts with the world!

I read this earlier and cried again. I honestly just can’t imagine and I don’t want to have to imagine my boys going through something like this, but this was just so beautifully written. WOW. Thank you for sharing this with us ..

F a c e b o o k   F e e d