Golden Autumn in New England | North Shore Boston Photography

Courtney contacted me when I did my fall mini sessions. Her husband is in the Coast Guard along with mine. They’re actually on the same cutter. They were underway during the mini session date but we made time during the brief inport to make beautiful photos.

Courtney, Matt, and Axl met me at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus. I was sooooo glad we still had some colorful foliage. It was getting colder and colder but we lucked out with a warm day.

Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-01Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-02Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-03Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-04Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-05

Fashion at any age | Charlestown Photographer

When I moved to Boston I only knew my husband and another family. Porsche and her family came here the same time we did. I actually met her because our husbands went to Officer Candidate School together. We’re Coast Guard families. Porsche has always had a great sense of style and she spares nothing when it comes to little Anissa. I contacted Porsche to see if she wanted to come out and do a little fun shooting with me. I had intentions on working on another project of mine but ended up just doing a fun little shoot in Charlestown. It turns out that Anissa was super ready to be photographed!!

Check out these photos from our fun shoot. Hopefully we’ll be shooting again soon!!!

Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-01Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-02Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-03Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-04Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-05Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-06Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-07Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-08Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-09

Brookline Beauties | Brookline Family & Glam Photographer

This family is one of my favorites. I’ve been photographing them for as long as I’ve been in Boston. Most of our shoots have been traditional family photos but this time we stepped it up a bit and had hair and makeup added on. Kiara Mooney came and did an amazing job we these beauties. Belinda, Briggs, and Tyler have grown in so many ways. It’s amazing to see their transformation over the years.

Brookline Glam and Family Photography-01Brookline Glam and Family Photography-02Brookline Glam and Family Photography-03Brookline Glam and Family Photography-04Brookline Glam and Family Photography-05Brookline Glam and Family Photography-06Brookline Glam and Family Photography-07Brookline Glam and Family Photography-08

Where my heart is… | Beaufort, SC Children and Family Photography

In case you didn’t know…I don’t have children…lol. It’s not by choice. Maybe one day it will happen but for now I have my nieces. I actually have a twin sister and these photos are of her children. Here’s a photo of us from YEARS ago. It’s a bit of a shame that I don’t have any current photos of me and my sis. We’ll have to work on that.

Here's a picture of me and my sister. I'm on the right. Monique is on the left.
Here’s a picture of me and my sister. I’m on the right. Monique is on the left.

Anywho…I was down south in my hometown of Beaufort, SC during the holiday season. Whenever I’m around my nieces I try to get photos done of them. We went out for the yearly shoot with me in downtown Beaufort at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. This was one of my favorite places to visit as a child. That park has made some major changes but it’s still a beautiful place to visit. I chose this location for their shoot because it offered a lot of different option in close proximity. My plans were to venture into the “city” a little bit for some urban photos but this is all they’d give me…lol.

Mia is 6 and one of the tallest in her class. Milayah is 3 and the smallest in her class. I have no clue how that happened but they’re both so cute that it doesn’t even matter. :) Mia is my little star. She has been in plays and we even made a YouTube video!! She wants to do more. I sooooo wish I lived closer to them. We’d have a new video every week!! Milayah is FULL of personality. She makes the craziest faces and says things you’d have to hear to believe. Her size makes me forget how advanced she really is. She wanted a video too but got a little scared when it was time to make hers…lol.

If you’re on my Facebook page or Instagram feed then you’ve surely seen most of these.


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Sweet little family | Charlestown, MA Family Photographer

This family!!! How cute is this little man? I love this age, too. They can listen and take instruction but also have their own own fun little quirks. I also love multicultural families. They were so pleasant to work with and we made some beautiful photos together.

I must admit…Charlestown is one of my favorite spots to shoot. I love photographing there. There’s a ton of variety and most people don’t even think to visit for their photos. This means we usually get plenty of space to work. ;)

Check out these photos and let me know what you think!!

Family photoshoot in Charlestown.
Family photoshoot in Charlestown.

Look at this kid jump!!!Charlestown, MA Children's PhotographyCharlestown, MA Family PhotographyCharlestown, MA Children's PhotographyCharlestown, MA Children's PhotographyCharlestown, MA Children's PhotographyCharlestown, MA Children's Photography