Summerville Family Photography | A rainy summer day

This time of year seems to be quite rainy.  I must say that I love the rain and the luscious light it brings.  I don’t like when the rain keeps me from a shoot.  Well here’s another overcast day shoot.  This one is from last week in Summerville.  This family met up with me for their family photo shoot.  I was super impressed at their orange truck.  For those of you who don’t know, I happen to drive a nice orange SUV.  You will be sure to spot me coming.  Well anyway…we met up in Downtown Summerville and started on our way.  It sometimes takes a minute for children to warm up a bit.  This little girl took her time to get used to me but by the end of the shoot she was talking my head off!!  And her big brother was just the best big brother ever.  He was super helpful with his sister.  This is a great thing when photographing siblings!   Continue reading Summerville Family Photography | A rainy summer day

Downtown Charleston Family Time

This past weekend I met up with this awesome family downtown for their photo shoot.  As I approached downtown Charleston I started seeing the clouds covering the peninsula.  I was concerned that it would rain but I know that cloudy days are my dream!!  In case you didn’t know…overcast days make for awesome lighting. :o)  The family was up to giving it a shot and we continued on.  We had some killer light and I was ready to go!  We made the most of that drizzly day and got some awesome shots.  Here are a few from that shoot!  Tell me what you think and how you would have reacted on a misty morning.  I would  love to hear from you!!

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Hot days and cool families | The Battery Family Photography

So I swear the day of this photo shoot was the HOTTEST day in Charleston this summer.  We even met in the early morning hours but by the time we were finished we were drained from the heat and humidity.  In any case, the session went well although this little guy absolutely refused to look at me. :0)  Sometimes that’s the way of it and that’s why I do “lifestyle photography” and not “sit on the chair and look up at me photography”.  Check out these picks from that session.

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Engagements are a family affair | Folly Beach

One of the best parts of living in Charleston is the fact there is so much beauty to photograph.  I always have a backdrop no matter where I go.  I was originally going to have 2 sessions with this family at 2 different locations.  Well why not…Charleston has so much awesome beauty.  They loved these so much they decided these would be enough.  I’m glad they loved these but was a little bummed I didn’t get to see them again.  They are a lot of fun.  Well guess what!!! I will be shooting their wedding this fall.  Now if that isn’t awesome then I don’t know what is.  Be sure to look out for their wedding later this year.

charleston photography

Colors at the beach… | Kiawah Island Family Photography

Here’s another post in a day full of posts…

I was contacted by this family when they decided to come down for a family vacation.  The WHOLE family came down from Missouri and spent some time at the beach.  The day was a little overcast and the wind was blowing ever so slightly…perfection.  I decided to bring my hubby with me since it was such a drive out.  Besides, who wants to give up a trip to Kiawah?  Now for those of you who don’t know already, my husband LOVES TO FISH!  I had no idea that bringing him along would be such a distraction to the son here who also loves to fish.  And boy did they talk about fishing.

Now back to the photos.  I love their color selection.  I am not the white shirts and khakis type of photographer.  I like for my clients to bring in some color to their sessions!  Let your personality show through and let the black and white photos show your emotions.  Take a look at how each outfit is different but they all go together in their own special way.  The little girls have vibrant red hair that I absolutely adore.


Kiawah Family Photography