Web Design Alternatives | My secret to an inexpensive website

Two words. Creative Market.

Creative Market is an online source for creatives to share their work. You will find graphics, websites, blog themes, and even fonts. The prices range from $2 to $200 on certain things. If you’re looking for a logo or a website on a budget then Creative Market might be the place for you.

I’ve been working on changing up my website recently. My current website template is from Into the Darkroom. I’ve had templates from Blue Domain, Flash Palette, and even the Apple standard template. This blog is a custom  Pro Photo blog design by the team at Braizen. I’m still transitioning to a new site and decided to let you in on one of my best kept secrets. (Be sure to use the Pro Photo link if you’re interested in a Pro Photo blog. You’ll save $10. You can also use the code MDAY7028.)

Here’s a preview of my new site. It might not stay like this. But guess what…the template was only…$9!!! And it’s a WordPress template!! All you need is a hosted domain with WordPress installed.

Creative Market Website

I’m sharing this because I love all of you…lol. I honestly don’t mind if all of you have the same website as I do. But…please don’t copy everything I do to it.

So where do you get this lovely template?

One Page Love

Creative Market Creative Market is having a sale!!  valentines14off

What else did you find? I’ll be writing more along the lines of branding, blogs, business cards, etc. Be sure to keep checking back!!


Beauty Tips | Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Okay…so I’m starting to add more things to the blog here. I want to reach out to you in more ways than just my photos. Hopefully you’ve noticed the tutorials I’ve posted. If not, that’s okay. I came across an article today about Smashbox Cosmetics’ Full Exposure Palette. I am a makeup junkie. I’m not great with makeup but I love it all the same. I’m currently working on getting great at doing eye makeup and love, love, love that Smashbox posted this video on eye shape. How many times have you been confused about what shape your eyes are? I know I get confused all the time. Check out this super simple video to learn how to tell your eye shape. I’m an almond. ;)

They even have more videos to show you exactly how to apply the makeup for your eye shape!!

Smashbox Full Eye Palette

The Full Exposure Palette retails for around $49 at some of my favorite places to buy makeup:


Do you want to save even more? Sign up for Ebates. You might not always get a percentage off but you’ll get a rebate. Always go through Ebates before making any purchases online.

So…what eye shape are you?


Golden Autumn in New England | North Shore Boston Photography

Courtney contacted me when I did my fall mini sessions. Her husband is in the Coast Guard along with mine. They’re actually on the same cutter. They were underway during the mini session date but we made time during the brief inport to make beautiful photos.

Courtney, Matt, and Axl met me at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus. I was sooooo glad we still had some colorful foliage. It was getting colder and colder but we lucked out with a warm day.

Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-01Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-02Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-03Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-04Boston North Shore Pet and Family Photography-05

Fashion at any age | Charlestown Photographer

When I moved to Boston I only knew my husband and another family. Porsche and her family came here the same time we did. I actually met her because our husbands went to Officer Candidate School together. We’re Coast Guard families. Porsche has always had a great sense of style and she spares nothing when it comes to little Anissa. I contacted Porsche to see if she wanted to come out and do a little fun shooting with me. I had intentions on working on another project of mine but ended up just doing a fun little shoot in Charlestown. It turns out that Anissa was super ready to be photographed!!

Check out these photos from our fun shoot. Hopefully we’ll be shooting again soon!!!

Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-01Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-02Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-03Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-04Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-05Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-06Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-07Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-08Charlestown Boston Glam and Children Photography-09