A new place and a new day

This new city has brought with a time of searching for new places to shoot.  I’ve also been looking for grocery stores.  The other day, I started on my journey to find the nearest Whole Foods.  I say journey because what should have been a 10 minute drive turned into 30 minutes of being lost.  I am a pretty good navigator but often rely on my phone’s GPS to get me to locations I’ve never visited.  I’ll just say that my phone needs some help in that department.  On the way to Whole Foods I passed by a park but didn’t have the opportunity to stop.  It was on the other side of the street and there was no way I was going to throw my GPS off any more than it already was.  Soooooo…after what seemed like an eternity I finally made it to Whole Foods which also had a Starbucks inside it.  Hallelujah!!  On a side note…I also happened to stop at the first full service gas station I’ve seen in about 10 years.  Let’s just say that I was a bit shocked when I looked up and saw a man staring at me through my car window.

So once I finished my produce shopping and gassing up I headed back with the guidance yet again of my phone GPS.  This time I made sure to stop at the park and I took a few photos there.  This mural was painted by students from Tufts University.  The author of Over the River and Through the Woods, Lydia Maria Child, is from Medford, MA where this park is located.

2 thoughts on “A new place and a new day”

  1. very nice mural. does your gps on your phone talk? i hate mine and it’s scary to try and read directions while driving. so I’ve abandon it.

    1. It does and it was telling me all kind of stuff!! I prefer the talking one because I’ll run into something trying to look at the phone…lol.

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